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Empowering Youth through After-School Programs in Calumet Heights

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Finding a safe and enriching after-school program is crucial for parents in Calumet Heights, southside Chicago. Ignite your potential with our afterschool enrichment program offers a supportive environment where children can grow, learn, and thrive. From comprehensive homework assistance to engaging in extracurricular activities, our services are designed to meet the unique needs of youth in our community. The Urban Comuniversity Center provides additional resources, including workshops and courses, to inspire and educate the next generation. By joining our program, children gain academic support, social skills, and opportunities to explore their interests, setting them on a path to success in any field they choose.

Sub-Services or Features

Homework Assistance

Provide customized academic support to help with homework, assignments, and projects. Tutors are available to ensure each child understands and completes their schoolwork, boosting academic performance and confidence.

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    • Children working on homework with tutor assistance
    • Small study groups in action
    • Students celebrating completed assignments
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    • “Boost Your Grades Now”
    • “Join Study Sessions”

Creative Arts and Crafts

Promote creativity through various art projects and crafts activities. Ignite your potential with our afterschool enrichment program while kids can explore their artistic talents, which helps in cognitive development, stress reduction, and self-expression.

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    • Kids painting or drawing
    • Group crafting session
    • Finished art projects on display
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    • “Unleash Your Creativity”
    • “Join Art & Crafts Today”
    • “Explore Artistic Activities”

Sports and Physical Activities

Offer a wide range of sports and recreational activities to encourage physical fitness. Children learn teamwork, and discipline, and develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

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    • Children playing basketball or soccer
    • Group exercise activities
    • Indoor sports facilities
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    • “Stay Fit and Healthy”

STEM Workshops

Provide specialized workshops focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Kids engage in hands-on projects that enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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    • Kids building robots or conducting experiments
    • Group of students in a science lab
    • Tutors guiding STEM activities
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    • “Discover STEM Workshops”
    • “Explore the World of STEM”
    • “Join Our STEM Projects”

Life Skills Training

Teach essential life skills such as communication, leadership, and financial literacy. This helps children prepare for real-world challenges and responsibilities.

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    • Kids participating in a leadership workshop
    • Group discussion sessions
    • Children learning practical skills
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    • “Learn Life Skills”
    • “Join Leadership Programs”
    • “Build Your Future Today”

Social Development Activities

Focus on activities that promote social interaction, empathy, and teamwork. Participants build stronger friendships, improve their social skills, and learn the value of collaboration.

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    • Children engaging in group games
    • Team-building exercises
    • Kids participating in social events
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    • “Enhance Social Skills”
    • “Join Team-Building Activities”
    • “Make New Friends”

Career Exploration

Introduce various career paths and fields of study to help children identify their interests and aspirations. Guest speakers and career workshops offer unique insights and inspiration.

Check out these resources for more information here.

And here.

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    • Guest speaker sessions with professionals
    • Kids Exploring Career Exhibition
    • Group attending a career workshop
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    • “Discover Your Future Career”
    • “Join Career Exploration Programs”
    • “Plan Your Career Path”

Digital Literacy Programs

Equip children with essential digital skills, such as coding, online safety, and digital citizenship. Preparing them for the digital age enhances both academic and future career opportunities.

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    • Students coding on computers
    • Kids attending a digital safety workshop
    • Group in a computer lab session
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    • “Learn Digital Skills”
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    • “Become Digitally Savvy”


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  1. What age groups do you serve?
    • Programs cater to children and teenagers, typically from ages 6 to 17.
  2. What are the program hours?
    • After-school programs run from 3 PM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday.
  3. Is there a registration fee?
    • Yes, a small registration fee applies, but financial assistance is available.
  4. How do I enroll my child?
    • Enroll online through our website or visit the Urban Comuniversity Center for assistance.
  5. Are meals provided?
    • Healthy snacks are provided, but children should bring their meals if needed.
  6. What safety measures are in place?
    • Staff are trained in safety protocols, and we follow strict guidelines to ensure a secure environment.
  7. Can my child participate in multiple activities?
    • Yes, children are encouraged to join various activities based on their interests.
  8. What if my child needs additional academic support?
    • Individual tutoring is available for children needing extra help.
  9. Do you offer programs during school holidays?
    • Yes, special programs and camps are available during school holidays.
  10. How can I support or volunteer?
    • Contact us through our website to learn more about volunteer opportunities and support.